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NETA Governing Board

Executive Board Members:


Brendan Stamm

North Shore

Community College

Vice - President

Carolyn Freer

University of Connecticut


Jae Bergman

UMass Lowell


Tony Trodella

Saint Anselm College

Board Members:

Evan Desatnick

Massasoit Community College

Immediate Past President

Dawn Bryden

Western New England University

Bi-Laws Chair

Tara Hildt

University of New Hampshire

Sydney Morgan

UMass Boston

Professional Development Chair

Susan Murphy

UMass Lowell

Rhian Waterburg

MassBay Community College

Rita Winthrop

Salve Regina University

Professional Development

Vice Chair

Bryan Wint


Community College

I.T. & Web Chair

New england Transfer Association By-Laws

Revised April 2015

By-Laws Document

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Serving on the NETA Governing Board provides a wonderful opportunity for professional development, as well as an opportunity to serve colleagues and students across New England.

Contact any member if you have questions about serving on the board or committees.

History & Past Presidents

History of NETA

In 1971, twenty-one educators from Massachusetts got together to discuss problems associated with transfer students and transfer articulation. Most were admissions and transfer students coming from two- and four-year public and private colleges and universities. The State Transfer Articulation Committee (STAC) was formed at that meeting with the intention to collect statewide data about transfer students and to conduct workshops on articulation.

The committee learned through one of its first projects (a study of more than 15,000 two-year college students during the 1971-72 academic year) that there was little experience with transfer students among Massachusetts college faculty and administrators. This led to a 1972 subcommittee which wrote guidelines for transfer articulation for institutions receiving or securing transfer students. Guidelines were reviewed by more than 100 faculty and administrators from both two- and four-year colleges and universities at a conference on transfer articulation in May 1973. Within a month, these guidelines were approved and published as “Guidelines for Articulation for Receiving and Sending Institutions.” Yet another STAC committee, comprised of representatives from public institutions, developed guidelines that led to the signing of the Commonwealth Transfer Compact (CTC) in May 1974.

During the 70’s, STAC continued on its path by reviewing institutional policies, procedures, and problems pertaining to transfer students. STAC activities included the following: financial aid survey, transfer practices survey, orientation program survey, a transfer evaluation committee, compact review committee, and the publishing of the New England Transfer Personnel directory. STAC activities continued to expand in the 80’s.

Motivated by increased concerns of transfer recruitment, the 1983 annual spring conference led to STAC’s evolution into the New England Transfer Articulation (NETAA). This association acted as the forum for transfer articulation in the New England region throughout the 80’s. The 90’s have found the organization as busy and innovative as ever.

There have also been more changes. In 1992, NETAA changed its name to New England Transfer Association (NETA) to more accurately reflect its involvement with issues beyond articulation. Today NETA has membership of over 200 professionals, including associate members from states outside of New England. In 1999 NETA incorporated and granted non-profit status.

Past Presidents

Evan Desatnick

Massasoit Community College

Dawn Bryden

Bay Path University

Jude Tomasino

Community College of Rhode Island

Madeleine Bergstrom

Western New England University

Lori Gagne Pendleton

Charter Oak State College

Mark J. Broadbent

Holyoke Community College

Avril Hevey-Doucette

Salem State College

Michael Stefanowitz

Manchester Community College

Debbie Suggs

University of Rhode Island

Tony Carberry

Central Connecticut State University

Kathy Dilks

Sacred Heart University

Mark J. Broadbent

Holyoke Community College

Jeffery H. Pruyne, Sr.

New England College

Merrily W. Lyon

Middlesex Community-Technical College (CT) (retired)

Catherine Pride

Middlesex Community College (MA)

Elizabeth Y. Brinkerhoff

University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Mary E. Dunn

University of Massachusetts-Boston

Dwight E. Cook

Bridgewater State College (retired)

Marke M. Vickers

Fitchburg State College

Gerald F. Desmarais

North Adams State College

Donald Dietrich

Amherst College

Kathy Ryan

University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Evelyn Clements

Middlesex Community College(MA)

William R. Bates

Boston University (retired)

Nick Lammerman

Massachusetts College of Art

Michael C. Behnke

Amherst College

F. Don Costello

University of Massachusetts- Boston (retired)

Paul J. Carey

Massachusetts State Community College (retired)

Ernest W. Beals

University of Massachusetts- Amherst (retired)