Professional Development

Past Virtual Events

Friday, March 17th 2023 | 3pm.
CReating Awareness:
Moving toward culturally Responsive Admissions Practice
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Creating open, welcoming, and representative environments for students, families, and colleagues encourages strong foundations on which to build our work. We each play a role in making these constituent groups feel more welcome, supported, and celebrated in our processes and on our campuses as we navigate more globalized spaces. In looking ahead to our Conference in Burlington this spring, this session aims to open the door to begin thinking about our roles in furthering admission practices that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. To allow for open communication surrounding potentially sensitive topics, this session will not be recorded.

Thursday May 18th 2023 | 3:30pm.
NETA WORKING GROUPs: SHould we require official Materials?
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For much of recent admissions history, official transcripts and other materials have been essential for students to access higher education. This can be difficult for many students for a number of different reasons including the cost of having these materials sent or due to policies at their previous institutions. This is an especially pressing issue when it relates to international transfer students and domestic students with many different previous institutions. We will convene to discuss when and why we require official materials and if any flexibility in these requirements makes sense or not. Session will not be recorded so participants can openly discuss policy.  

Monday, June 12th 2023 | 12:30pm.
CROWDSourcing with NETA:
How to avoid running the Bad meeting
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We’ve all been in meetings where we have wanted to either fall asleep, tear our hair out, or both. Many of us will have felt lost in trying to plan a meeting, or not felt confident while running the meeting. For this virtual session we will be sharing some strategies on how to run good meetings and (maybe even more important) avoid running bad meetings. We will also discuss the different challenges with running in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and hybrid meetings. This is a discussion that should be useful to seasoned meeting facilitators and folks just entering the higher education field who may not have much experience running meetings.